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The centre of literature and art in the political atmosphere of that time was the capital, Ankara. Almost everyone whom she enjoyed reading and their ideas was in Ankara.

Tezer Özlü settled in Ankara together with actor Güner Sümer, brother of Adalet Ağaoğlu, whom she met in Paris in 1963. She was an actress in the play "Secret Army" written by Brendan Behan and directed by Güner Sümer. During this period, she started to translate for AAT (Ankara Art Theatre). At the same time, she brought Ossip Piatnizki's book "Memories of a Bolshevik" to our literature under a pseudonym "Tuncay Gökmen". As she started to put her signature under various fields in the literary world, after a short period of time Tezer's first story book "Fortuna" was published in the "Yeni İnsan" magazine, and the articles and stories she wrote began to be published in "Yeni Dergi, Milliyet Sanat and Yeni Ufuk". The era of "writing" and "fighting" that would last until the end of her life had now begun. After a while she married Güner Sümer. She returned to Istanbul after leaving Güner Sümer three years later, saying "he destroyed my world".


Impositions, coercion, prohibitions, the secret violence of the patriarchal society, military coups and the conditions of martial law had negative effects on all citizens, as well as affecting a sensitive person like Tezer Özlü deeply. When she went to a hospital for treatment due to her depressions, she was diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder. Her tired and resentful spirit had to endure a torminous and painful "treatment" period that would last for 5 years. Electroshock was among the treatment methods of the time. Tezer could not stand this treatment. The pain was unbearable. Although she tried to commit suicide with the thought that she could get rid of all her experiences at once, her heart which was inseparably passionate about life did not allow it. She just extended the time that she would be treated in the hospital. If Erden had not entered her life, perhaps she would not have succeeded. While her treatment was ongoing, she married Erden Kıral. Tezer became acquainted with the world of cinema after literature and theatre.

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