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Turkey Writers Union on May the 1st of 1977 that she attended, was a milestone in Tezer Ozlu’s life. She suddenly found herself in a dust-and-smoke battlefield, among screams and shouts, with the sounds of machine guns, panzers and sirens booming one after the other, with weapons exploding. She didn't sleep at all that night. She washed the dishes over and over again until the morning. She wiped the doors, windows, carpets. She wanted to clean the blood that spilled on her that day. She decided that she had to leave in the morning. Although her friends and loved ones tried to dissuade her from this decision, they could not. Actually, these lands which she loved, added more pain to Tezer’s pain.


Tezer worked hard to be able to leave. She worked as a consultant at institutions such as the Goethe Institute and the Turkish-German Cultural Centre. Through this she arranged an artist scholarship and went to Berlin in 1981 with a one-year artist scholarship. Here, she found the love that she could not find in anyone, in Hans Peter Marti of Swiss origin. For Hans, whom she spoke of as her death: "It's as if I won the Berlin scholarship for this, I went for this man. To find that compassion that I could not find in both of my husbands ... I got him, I brought him! It's as if I went to find my death." She loved life again with Hans. For her, Hans was eternity in life. She really would stay with him until she died.


In order to marry Hans, Tezer had to end her marriage with Erden Kıral, which was only on paper. After experiencing many bureaucratic problems, she was finally able to go to Zurich and divorce Erden Kıral, and was then reborn with Hans.

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