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She wrote the novel "In the Foosteps of a Suicide" while going to Berlin. This piece would later be published in Turkey with the title of "Yaşamın Ucuna Yolculuk” (Journey to the End of Life), and be awarded with the City of Marburg Prize for Literature. In this novel, she was telling us about the authors she loved and was influenced by; Kafka, Svevo and Pavese. In her own language... Kafka's deep silence, his efforts to tell people about himself through his writing... Svevo's desperation and Pavese's loneliness...


She was going to the countries where they lived, to places where certain parts of their lives took place in order to write them. She went to Prague for Kafka, Trieste for Svevo and St. Stefano Belbo for Pavese.


It was neither in time nor entirely outside ... Everything was a puzzle waiting to be solved ... When she went to visit Kafka's grave, she stood still before the grave for a long time. Quiet and almost still. Kafka was where he belonged under the ground, far from his inner confrontation with the light of darkness. And Tezer is at the head of his grave...


Ozlu was traveling with an excitement like a voyager, land by land... She stopped with Pavese in Belbo, in the hotel room 305, where Pavese had ended his life. She continued to trace and went to Trieste, where Svevo lived. Finding his daughter Letizia, she asked her to tell about her father. She was feeling her beloved author from his daughter’s tongue. She felt a little more alive with each journey. Every search bought her to an invention, every invention bought her closer to herself.

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