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"Her funeral was brought to Turkey and buried in Aşiyan cemetary, among her beloved poet and literature friends.”


Tezer Özlü was a person who did not hide or withhold anything from people. To understand Tezer Özlü; you need to get away from screens, crowded streets, shopping centres, stadiums, crowded cafes, houses, government offices, all the noise of modern life; you need to be by the sea, under a century-old plane tree, tending to rain, on a quiet and cold day, gazing the opposite shores that cannot be distinguished from the haze, and be “COLD”.


You should take a breath from the cigarette that is held between fingers, which are blue from the cold, and take a sip of hot tea.


Tezer Özlü is almost an intersection of life's contrasts. Death with vitality, the feeling of suicide and the passion of life are intertwined with standing and progress. She was fed by pain as much as she was fed by love, she was fed by sorrow as much as she was fed by joy, and managed to reach beyond her own limits.


"If I close my eyes, maybe I can sleep. No, no. I cannot sleep even for a moment until all of the words have come out of me."



arrangement: halil

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