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She decided to fight this situation when she was still a child. She also made the decision that would shape her life by saying "if I act crazy, I will be saved". Thanks to her father's influence and her mother's self-aware, solid stance, she successfully played her "crazy" role.


She could not get used to the sudden disappearance of her lamb named "Mido", which her father gave her as a gift to her when she was eight years old and helped her to write her first poem, and she also could not get used to this neighbourhood pressure. Moreover, she lived in a four-storey Greek mansion with very comfortable and extensive facilities for that period. She grew up in an environment full of love and trust by her entire family. But her loving heart, in which every living creature fit in, was developing a reaction against what was happening around her, without even noticing.

She loved swimming very much. She was also a good swimmer. She dreamed of swimming to the other shore of the Black Sea. It was as if she wanted to do this in order to be able to give hope to young girls who gave themselves to the sea to end their lives and to explain something to the people who caused this situation. A young girl suffering from neighbourhood pressure and rumours did not necessarily have to die when she went into the sea; she seemed to want to show everyone, as a possibility, that every sea had an opposite shore. While trying to fulfil this dream, she was in danger of death dozens of times. But she kept trying each time.

There it was, as a result of her effort to beautify and change life, she stepped on the theatre door as soon as the advertisement was posted. She had taken the role, worked hard and showed everyone that she could succeed.

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