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When she graduated from high school, she got accepted to the Department of Art History at Istanbul University Faculty of Literature. Thus, she arrived in Istanbul, where she would never leave again. The city she dreamed of would be a dormitory where she could make her dreams come true... It was not easy to be accepted in the art history department where only two female students attended. The anachronistic attitudes of the teachers, who were not accustomed to the girls' studying in this department before, were also broken thanks to Aysel. As she continued to study, she learned that the City Theatres under the management of Muhsin Ertuğrul were looking for "talented actresses"; she applied immediately. She became a professional actress by passing the exams. Muhsin Ertuğrul, who could see the light and potential in her, took a special interest in Aysel Gürel. This special interest has been very beneficial for the development of Aysel Gürel. At an age that could be considered as a child, passing through the door of her own life, which she had opened, she also provided the conditions in which she could actually be herself. But it could not be said that she managed to be "herself" fully. Although she managed to escape from the pressure of the neighbourhood, because she grew up under the influence of this situation, a part living inside of her said that she should’ve established a life according to the wishes of the society. While working at the City Theatres, Aysel, who took part in many plays, chose teaching as a guaranteed profession when she graduated from university. She served as a literature teacher for a while. In the years that followed, she was assigned to Diyarbakır. Deciding that she could not live on a salary of eighty lira, she quit teaching. In fact, she had already used this as an excuse to return to where she wanted to be, to the theatre stages. Muhsin Ertuğrul, who was very pleased with her talents and energy, took Aysel Gürel back to the theatre as soon as she returned.


Aysel loved theatre very much, but her problem was different. She didn't know that yet, either. She could also feel the "not exactly belonging" emotion that she was experiencing, however, she could not call it that way in those years. Although she had not shared it with anyone yet, this feeling was easily felt in her poems that she wrote in the yellow-cover poetry notebook. She loved theatre very much, but she could not be an ordinary actress. Outside, in real life, there was a lot of trouble going on. Nobody was doing anything to solve these problems that were troubling for Aysel. Although she didn't feel these problems while she was acting in the theatre, she knew that it was going on somewhere outside. This thought was making her very uncomfortable. At that time, she fell in love with the journalist Vedat Akın, who came to interview her because of her success in the play that she acted. Although she tried to impede this feeling at first, after a few months she could not bear it, and she stepped into the newspaper where Vedat Bey worked. She went to Vedat Bey's room. She proposed him, without further ado and changing the matter. He was surprised by this unexpected question, Vedat Bey could not resist Aysel's charm any longer, even though he wanted some time. And in a few months, Aysel Gürel married Vedat Akın without a wedding dress, in the presence of the witnesses they hired with money, on a cold February day in Kadıköy Marriage Office. Soon she became pregnant with her first child, which she called "my products.” On this occasion, she left the theatre once again. Inspired by the great writer Suat Derviş, whom she loved and was influenced very much, she named her first-born baby girl. In the following years, "Kamile Suat", whom all Turkey would recognize and love as "Müjde Ar", was born. Soon she was pregnant with her second child. Aysel Gürel, who learned that her husband was cheating on her at this time, left her husband without hesitation for a minute and started a new life with her children. Initially she was living on inheritance from her father. Then she started having a lot of trouble.

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