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She went back to the theatre. But the money she earned was hardly enough to support herself. When the expenses of the two children were added, her life became unsustainable.

She was doing whatever the job was. She also went to do voiceovers, also to serve as a waitress at private events... She also collected and sold rusty nails and irons from the iron and lathe workshops in their neighbourhood; she went to her neighbours or relatives during dinner hours and had the food for free. She also collected vegetables and fruits that were thrown away from local markets. Aysel was mastering in life like this. 

She entered the Münir Özkul Theatre in 1962. She has appeared in numerous plays and numerous performances. She returned as a fully matured Aysel Gürel from the Turkey Tour that she had gone with Münir Özkul Theatre. Nothing could be the same anymore. Because she now knew Ünzile, she understood Firuze... She knew countless women and child brides who had no say in this life, who were subjected to beatings and violence. From now on, she would’ve been the voice of those women, she had to…

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