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Leyla decided to become an "actress" with absolute determination! She was setting her scene with old clothes from the crate in the attic, candles she placed on silver candlesticks, and make-up products that her mother and mademoiselle valued. If they were in the mansion, in a corner of the house, if they were on the farm, she was performing under the camellia in the garden. Every performance of Leyla was a box office. After all her father, mother, siblings, and mademoiselle were there... She didn’t just memorize a single role. Leyla was playing all the characters in the passage or text that she was going to play. She was the leading roles, as well as the supporting roles... She discovered brand new worlds in every play she learned and memorized.


She was watching her reflection in crystal mirrors while she was preparing her plays. Her reflection was as aesthetic as a ballerina. Leyla resolutely decided to "become a ballerina". She was dancing on the lawn or on silk carpets. On the vast land, at the very end of the high hills... She felt as she used to feel when “Ranger Hasan Efendi", who worked on the farm would throw her into the air and catch her again at the edge of the cliff. If she was out of the house and couldn't play from the record, she was making music herself so she could dance.


She was dancing while singing the songs that she heard in the church, the breaths that she accompanied at the Bektashi tables, and the arias that she memorized from the records at home. She really loved how her voice echoed when she sang in the house. She should be a musician then.

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