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Leyla Gencer entered the conservatory that same year. And opened the first door of her magnificent adventure that would go down in the history of music as the most perfect soprano in music.

Leyla was hypnotizing now. She was not doing this with her natural talent all alone. She was “succeeding” with her incredible energy and endless determination to work. At that time, the world-famous soprano of the 1920s and 30s "Arangi Lombardi" came to Istanbul. She did not know that her life would change when she went to see him with her friend "Arslan Jirayir" from the conservatory. Arangi Lombardi was listening to these two scrawny young teenagers standing in front of him carelessly, as if he wanted to get rid of them. He listened to Arsan Jirayir first. Leyla barely spoke. Lambordi turned to Leyla after listening to Jirayir: "So what are you going to sing?" Leyla said without hesitation: "The first aria of Aida". She told the person who was the greatest in the world to ever sing Aida, Arangi Lombargi, that she, a Turkish woman, would sing Aida in his presence. This was either madness or stupidity, according to Lombargi ... When she finished the first part of Arya, the buffled Lombargi asked Leyla Gencer to sing the second part. When Leyla sang the second part with the same impressiveness, Arangi Lombardi moved to Leyla Gencer's house the next day. The month that he planned to spend on vacation in Istanbul, he spent working day and night with Leyla, and making Leyla work.  

He admired the "elasticity" in her voice. Arangi Lombardi, who was in Turkey for his temporary teaching duties at the Ankara Conservatory, wanted Leyla to come to Ankara with him and continue her education there.. However, Leyla was a married woman. She could not decide this alone. She was already not welcomed to study at the conservatory, let alone Ankara... Leyla thought for a long time. Finally she decided to go to Ankara. Thus, the process that would change the course of life and music history had begun. Lombargi, who opened the doors of Ankara to her, would also open the doors of Italy, the centre of the opera. Leyla was rising now. Being high up, being thrown into the air on cliff edges was just right for Leyla.

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