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It was as if he had come into this world on a mission. Sinan the Grand left over five hundred works during his lifetime. It enabled many important structures such as the Kaaba, Hagia Sophia, and the Basilica Cistern to reach our day. By even calculating the durability of his own works; four hundred years later, he left architectural notes and drawings in bottles hidden in the stones that he laid to his colleagues who will carry out maintenance and repair, and provided communication between that day and today. He was a bridge between the history of humanity and its future. With the inclusion of Selimiye Mosque in the "World Cultural Heritage" list, he transcended the borders of himself, his country and the period in which he lived, and became the culture itself.

He still communicates with us through his works from his tomb, where he lies "headless" today, since his skull was lost while his bones were left in his tomb after an anthropological examination at the end of the 1930s.

Although his tomb, located on the side of the Süleymaniye Mosque facing the Golden Horn, needs maintenance and repair, like many of his works, all of his works continue to shed light on all humanity as concrete evidence of what a human can do.


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