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If little Ergun had not had a fever because of his teething, Müzeyyen would not be able to overcome her excitement. She hadn't slept in almost two nights. While caring for her crying baby for days, she could forget her excitement for a moment. There was no other sound other than baby Ergun's voice in the big house. She also did not have time to take care of herself because of taking care of Baby Ergun. Meanwhile, her husband, Mr Ali entered through the door. "Thank goodness you came!"Müzeyyen said to herself. While her husband, Ali Bey, was taking baby Ergun from Müzeyyen's arms, she heard the voice of Nubar Tekyay who was there with them; "Come on, girl, get ready, you will be late." Muzeyyen who subdued the aroused excitement in her by dealing with her child, heard the voice of anxiety in her heart: "What if I fail, or if my tongue gets tied when I am in front of him like in my childhood?”

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