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The story of the Diva of the Republic began in 1918 in Bursa. In addition to the coffee house that was run by her father, Mr Mehmet, he was known as the "Surgeon" because of his skills such as medicine and tooth extraction. Her mother, Mrs Zehra, was a beautiful young girl who grew up in the village of Pınarbaşı, who was a silkworm worker, recited the Quran with her beautiful voice, sang ode in pleasant environments and played tambourine. When her mother Mrs. Zehra was in pain, there was no one in her magnanery. Mrs. Zehra gave birth to the Diva of the Republic alone in the Pınarbaşı Magnanery. They named her 'Hikmet'. However, the uncle Mr Ziya, who went to the city to issue an identity card, did not like this name and named her as ‘Müzeyyen'.

Bursa was one of the cities that felt the catastrophic effects of the great war the most. The occupation of the city by the Greek army in 1920 changed the life of her father the Surgeon Mr Mehmet over time. The father, who also conducted circumcisions, was treating the venereal diseases of Greek soldiers. He was getting richer with the gold that he received in return. This enrichment did not bring peace to the family.

The legendary beautiful voice of her mother, Mrs. Zehra, was also a chance for Muzeyyen. Her mother, Mrs Zehra; was raising her by singing folk songs. When Müzeyyen started to speak up thoroughly, she started to accompany her mother in her songs. So much so that when she was 6 years old, she was accompanying her mother while her mother was reciting the Quran at Mevlids and she was singing songs at weddings. The childhood of Muzeyyen was fun, very festive...

One morning, Müzeyyen woke up with a stutter. Neither her father, Mr Mehmet, nor other doctors nor teachers could find a solution. After all, it was said that it was “caused by the evil eye". At first she became withdrawn, gradually she became silent. The love of singing in her healed Müzeyyen. She wasn't stuttering while singing. Even though Müzeyyen stuttered while speaking, she was singing like a nightingale. She was taking the first steps towards the days that she would become “Müzeyyen Senar” one day.

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