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The car stopped in front of the big door of Dolmabahçe Palace. The guards welcoming them at the door opened the car door. When Müzeyyen got out of the car and stopped in front of the door of the Dolmabahçe Palace, her legs were trembling with excitement. After a brief glance at her husband Mr Ali, they started walking towards the palace with the guidance of the aide. She entered the palace as if she was going into a sweet and calm afternoon nap. It was as if she was in a dream world. The hero of her childhood, the founder of the Republic, she was right in front of the great man. She was so happy and excited while looking at the blue eyes of Atatürk that were loved so much, her excitement must have been seen from the outside. Ataturk; "Do not be shy, my beautiful daughter, if you do so, how can we listen to your beautiful voice?" said. She sat on the chair to the right of Atatürk. Atatürk looked at her, then whispered something to his aide. "Please follow me.” said the aide and saw the barber in the big bathroom. Although she did not understand what was going on first, she sat on the barber chair because of her unconditional love, respect, belief and trust for Atatürk. Her hair, which she tied her back, was cut by the barber. Thus, the hairstyle that she would carry a lifetime and would be identified with her would be left as a souvenir from Atatürk to her.

She appeared before him again. Atatürk took her song book and asked, "Do you know all these songs?"

"Yes sir." she said.

"Then let's see what you have to sing." He said, Atatürk asked for the first part from Tatyos Efendi;

"my shame hinders me from explaining my demeanour.

Don't be upset! I’m ruined because of feeling the sorrow that kept us apart.

I lost my peace of mind, I couldn't sleep.

Don't be upset! I’m ruined because of feeling the sorrow that kept us apart…

(“Mâni oluyor hâlimi takrire hicabım

Üzme yetişir üzme firakınla harabım

Mahv oldu sükunum, beni terk eyledi habım

Üzme yetişir, üzme firakınla harabım …” )

After this meeting, Müzeyyen Senar's tour and radio programs started to increase. This intense tempo and her defective marriage prevented Müzeyyen Senar from developing. Therefore, she left Ali Senar in 1939 by mutual agreement. However, Mrs Müzeyyen did not change her surname even though she left Mr Ali. She pulled herself together in a short time thanks to her love for her profession.

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