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Then I turned ten years old. I was beaten every day by my aunt, who was my foster mother. I was placed in an orphanage by a neighbour who felt sorry for me. I, for the first time, saw the play and the violin there. When the music teacher of the dorm saw my musical talent, he decided to have me prepared for the Ankara Music Teaching exam. We were the only two people who had a musical aptitude in the dormitory where I was staying. Saban and me. The year we took the exam, I passed the exam, but Saban could not. With the advice of our teacher, I left my place to Şaban. I could have won this exam next year, but Şaban might not have won at all. That's when I learned to share everything with people.


I moved from the Music Teacher's School to the Conservatory. I played Vivaldi's most difficult concertos with the violin that my friends bought by collecting money. The year I was elected to the Public Orchestra, I took the surname “Su” (Water) because it was one syllable and reminded me of a lot. I gave music lessons to poor children in Village Institutes, and gave pieces of classical concerts to people in the Public Orchestra. I performed very important classical works such as Bastien Bastienne, Madame Butterfly, La Boheme, Sold Engagement, Fidelio, Masquerade Ball, Figaro's Wedding, Rigoletto, Love after entering the State Opera. I was brought here while I was rehearsing the consul opera.”

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