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It wasn't just the beauty of his voice that immortalised Ruhi Su. His greatest asset was his ability to re-sing Turkish folk music by modernizing it. Thanks to the school he created, he re-determined the foundations of Turkish music and prevented the extinction of our culture, which was formed over hundreds of years, and enabled it to be transferred to future generations.


He simplified the Classical Turkish Music developed in the Eastern culture and the polyphonic Contemporary Turkish Art Music, which developed in the Western technique, within the folk music structure, which has a much deeper and more solid root. With the meticulousness of an archaeologist, he unearthed the Anatolian treasures, which had been covered up and ignored until then. He brought Köroğlu, Pir Sultan, Yunus Emre, Hatayi, Dadaloğlu and many others to life. He blended their spirit with his own. Brewed with history and truth. As a result of the efforts to fuse the opera dagger (throat) with Anatolian folklore; helped to understand the depth of meaning in Turkish folk songs and breaths. Breaths and Turkish folk songs were not only listened to but also heard. Because he could convey Turkish folk music, which told about all the issues, troubles, longings and loves of life, to everyone rich and poor, villagers and cities; he became the voice of the people. Every note, every syllable that came out of Ruhi Su's mouth was now the word of the people.

His voice was so loud that; its echo could be heard in Europe, in Asia, even in distant America. This situation naturally did not please the politicians. It increased the political pressure on him. This is why; Too many politicians in every moment of history did not give a passport to a rarely-born poet in order to prevent him from going abroad for treatment. When the pressure and demand of the people increased, they were only willing to give a passport; it was too late now. He was a beautiful voice, beautiful inside, beautiful hearted, a beautiful person; added beauty to our world and took his place in our hearts and flowed like water (Su).


Turkish folk songs, like living beings, always continue their lives in accordance with the new times and the realities of the times. Since Ruhi Su added the essence of the Turkish folk songs to his essence, he became the song itself. This was the most important quality that made him immortal. Let the politicians continue their discussions; this is how poets carry the keys of eternity to us.

*A person can only fit into by crouching, prisons shorter than human height and narrow


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