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Sabiha Rıfat was now graduated. Now she could survive on her own feet without burdening anyone. Now, she would be able to save her family from the economic hardship they were in, and would enable them to live a better life with the money she would earn. As soon as she graduated, Sabiha Rıfat Hanım was appointed to Ankara Public Works Directorate (Ministry of Public Works). Melek Hanım was appointed to Bursa. Sabiha Hanım did not see any distinction amongst her male colleagues. She felt an immense desire within her to take on the most important, the most difficult tasks. There was such a powerful life story behind her that she was already equipped to tackle any task. Those who considered her only by her gender, who did not yet have knowledge about what she could and what she would do, sometimes tried to break her enthusiasm to work but could not succeed.


She faced the same opposition when she volunteered to build a bridge in the Beypazarı district near Ankara. They thought that just because she was a woman, she could not handle this difficult task. However, if someone else had been appointed to this task, perhaps that bridge would never have been built, and the bridge, which was named after the success of Sabiha Rıfat Hanım, would never be there.

Thanks to her insistent attitude, Sabiha Hanım was going to the bridge construction in which she took part, wearing modern clothes, uncovered hair, a jacket and golf pants. The people of the district got used to this situation in a short time, although finding it a little odd at first. They started referring to her as "Madam Engineer." Even a small number of old-fashioned people who had not yet absorbed the change created by the Republic showed great respect to her. Sabiha Rıfat was succeeding... She was building a bridge over both a river in the Beypazari district, and between the people and modern Republic values.While the construction of the bridge was underway, finding the money given by the contractor to be scarce, she ran after the workers who left their jobs to work in the mosque construction. She intercepted them and stopped them. She asked them "where they are going?" When she learned that they were going to the mosque construction;

"Shame on you! Be ashamed of my femininity! First of all, the construction of this bridge is required. Get back to work. Let's finish this half of our work first, then you start the construction of the mosque." she said.

The workers returned to work, talking among themselves. Everyone, especially Sabiha Rıfat Hanım, was very happy about this. The governor also heard about what happened and was proud of this situation. The bridge, which was completed thanks to the knowledge, determination and diligence of Sabiha Rıfat, was named "Girl Bridge". She was now an acknowledged engineer.

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