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"You already have a story in your mind, finish it first. I am Sait Faik Abasıyanık. I was born on the first day of Ramadan in 1906. My mother must have spent the first day of Ramadan not fasting for the first time... Since I was born on such a day, the name Sait, which means "lucky, merry”, was seen fit for me, for I. And I’m not complaining about this decision, to be honest. My father, Mehmet Faik, was a respected trader. He was a beloved person dealing with the trade of timber and walnut logs. I can say that I learnt from him that not hesitating to take on duty and doing the job honestly gives peace. He was a patriot who was awarded with the "Medal of Independence" by the Defense of Rights Association for fulfilling his duty as the mayor of Adapazarı for a year in 1922. Due to my character, I was always devoted to writing for as long as I’ve known myself. I never imagined myself being busy with any another job. However, unlike me, my father never gave up on me. He thought that someday I would take over his business. I guess it would be more appropriate if I said that that’s what he wanted. However, I had neither the enthusiasm nor the ability to do business. My grandfather Hacı Rıza Efendi was one of the foremost and respected people of Adapazarı. He was the owner of a coffee house where the notables of Adapazarı visited at that time. I kind of think that's why I like coffee. I have always loved being in the coffee shop and the conversations that were had there. But I consider myself devoted to my mother. My mother, Makbule, was a very loving, frugal and determined woman. Throughout my life, I felt only responsible of her. Only of her... 

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