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Ever since I was a kid, whenever I see a map, I immediately look at the sea. My eyes always look for an island first before countries or cities. I must have made feel my family that way, since they decided to move to Burgaz Island. I can say that this is how I reached my present state. A while after moving to Burgaz Ada, we lost my father. I continued to write. Knowing that every moment I live is precious, I was writing down every encounter and every situation I experienced. My childhood, Adapazarı, France and everything else… On the other hand, I could feel that I was changing. I was reflecting this situation in my writing. In the coming times, I was put on trial for a story that I wrote. Although the lawsuit filed with the thought that I was keeping the people off the army from military service made me depressed at first, I was relieved by Orhan Veli's letter. In the letter, Orhan cursed those who understood the story in this way, stating that the story was great. This interpretation of his made me comfortable too. Orhan was a man of immense grace. We would meet every day and find ourselves in an endless conversation. 

We shared everything. Our memories, loves, city, joy, tavern debts, what we wrote... One day, when we had accumulated debt to taverns and wanted to drink again and were thinking about how we can find money, I thought of interviewing Orhan Veli and selling it to the newspaper. I immediately called a newspaper and made my proposal. They accepted with great satisfaction. I just said that, you have to pay us upfront immediately. Otherwise, we cannot do the interview. They paid one hundred and fifty liras. We went directly to the tavern. We had a very pleasant interview. I cannot describe Orhan's joy and energy. 


We found ourselves in a conversation about literature and art almost every day. We had to solve a lot of issues related to post-Republic Turkish literature and contemporary writing techniques. I was continuing my humble job. I was enthusiastic about telling every moment and person I saw. I loved people a little more every day. Regardless of whether they love me or not... “ 

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