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Zeki Müren, who was born in Bursa in 1931, was the only child of a family who came from Skopje. His father, Kaya Müren, was a wealthy timber merchant. He was raised by his mother, away from streets and protected from everyone else. His core desire to occupation with music began with the discovery of his talent for music during his school years. His father, Mr Kaya, would not be sparing his support from him to learn from the best musical masters of the period after the discovery of his son's unique talent. As a result of the appreciation and applause he received when he took part in all the school shows and sang songs, his love of the stage would never be ripped from him again. If his love of the stage in Zeki Müren were to be told in his lyrics again:


"it would last a lifetime and it would be loved like insane"


When his enormous heart did not fit in the borders of Bursa province, he started dreaming of living in a big city. With the support of his father and the approval of his mother, he enrolled at Bogazici High School in Istanbul. Just like in elementary and secondary school, he also finished high school in the first place. The year he released his first record in senior year in high school, he won the "Academy of Fine Arts", the only college where their students were accepted with exams at the time and which is known as ‘Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’ now. He was also going to finish that in the first place and would pursue his achievements as he always did.

When he won the "Istanbul Radio Voice/Song Contest" which was attended by 186 contestants, by adding a new achievement to his usual titles; everyone bowed down before his voice. When "Perihan Altındağ Sözeri", the master of her time, was unable to attend the concert due to her discomfort; Zeki Müren's art life, which was going to be the storyline of films and documentaries, started. That day, which would lead to the exaggerated scenes of Turkish films, he would be told; "Get ready Zeki, you will perform in this concert", and Zeki Müren would not miss this moment as a proof of the those who sealed their own fates. After this beautiful concert, the doyenne artist of that period, Hamiyet Yüceses, would call him to celebrate, and paths to the stage would be opened for Zeki Müren. In fact, for Zeki Müren, not only stage paths were being opened but also an artist was born; who was living on stage, breathing and growing prodigiously, and was leaving us on stage again. In the years when Istanbul radios could not be listened to from Anatolia, he recorded the song "Muhabbet Kuşu", which was written by his teacher, on the record and began resonating all over Anatolia with his only record, which he made in a way that could not be imitated again.

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