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It is necessary to conclude this article in his words, trying to explain his confrontational life, which aims to change the world. "We're born, we're alive, life goes on no matter it's pink, it's gray or it's black, and there's no help, we die. Yes, sometimes I miss death, too. You will say “is death missed?”, of course, I get closer to it before it misses me. As long as God gives the best way of dying, let him give it to me without disturbing anyone. Two days in the bed and the third day in the soil, the soil is fertile, grass will grow on it again, it will have wildflowers among them. They will be released with the winds of spring, they will sing songs and the new ones will grow. This birth is one of a kind.”


This speech, with the courage of someone who knows that immortality is not hidden in the body, is hidden in hearts and in love, is a herald to its lovers that the death is not an extinction, but a new birth.


As Zeki Müren said in a song he sang in the last stages of his life: "The oil in my oil lamp, the strength in my knees are gone”, even though he said it, his light as our “The Sun of Art” will never set and will continue to light our horizons as the confrontationist of his time.


ekrem bahadır

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