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Cem: If you had a single question to one of the confrontationists of their time that we hosted in the previous issues, what would you ask and to whom?

N: I wouldn't ask questions, but I would be thankful. Fortunately they attempted such things, fortunately they shed light on our way, fortunately they inspired us. I hope they continue to shed light on our path for generations to come.

C: If somebody in the distant future would engage in a work similar to what we are trying to do today and would like to write Neslihan Atagül as "The Confrontationist of Time"; What do you think would be your most notable confrontation?

N: My belief in myself. I think this is a terrific confrontation. It can now be said that everybody has faith in themselves, but how many people are “really” believing in themselves and going after what they believe in, not allowing the difficulties that they come across or hardships to keep them from their path and doing their rightful effort to achieve their goal? This is truly bravery. You know, they say "Have you eaten heart?" Yes I’ve eaten it. This is what I’d want to be written properly.

C: Are you talking about self-confidence?

N: No. I'm talking about believing, not trusting. Believing in myself, believing in what’s inside me…

Arda: What is your main characteristic that comes from your roots and makes you who you are?

N: I will say believing in myself again. Believing in myself, being inexplicable and having no expectations…

Arda: What is the mightiest feature of Turkish people and those who feel Turkish?

N: We have many sublime features, but let me say a few. Being diligent, understanding the state of being, being in the same state with the person across, that which is instilled in our language “figuring it out-ness”… Because when we say "We can figure it out", we do not mean that we do something cursory. We mean that we understand what the situation is that will reveal whatever we are going to do, and that we can become whatever the state requires.

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