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“I strive to show how civilized our coming together is, and how important it is to have healthy relationships in the environment we work in.”


Onur: First, welcome. In my opinion, all living things are unlimited from birth. All living things are born without limits, but the geography in which we were born and the family and environmental conditions in which we grow up may force people to suppress and cover this limit in time. I also want to ask: What comes to mind when you say "confrontation"? How did you reach the state of confrontation?

N: By remembering my core! .. I think that if we do not remember our core, we will not be able to reach anywhere. Unfortunately, we are limited starting from a very early age. In pre-school, school, business life… As a result of these limitations, we are starting to put limits on our own minds. Something like we have no freedom of opinion anymore. Unfortunately, people cannot think without limits even when they are thinking in their own way, because people are very worried about their lives. Anxiety is something that allows us to develop and advance to a point, but after a certain point it can turn into the biggest obstacle in front of human development. People have financial difficulties, people have a hunger for love, they have an anxiety to bring bread to their homes. Many people are thinking about how to educate their children, how to get to work, how to protect their health, how to make money. These are all causes of concern. When this is their state of being, how can these people discover their own strength? People need a certain amount of relaxation in order to see the power they have, to discover this power and to realize their own confrontation. I think they should reach that comfort so that they can get where they really need to be. Actually, it was a bit like this for me. I was also overwhelmed by these worries. I cannot say that I completely got rid of my anxiety, but I can say that there are points where I can prevent my anxiety from taking over me. People have a great hunger for love, trust, and faith. Can you imagine the potential that all humans can unleash when they get out of this state of being stuck and reach a certain level? If we can achieve this in this geography, we can be a great example for both east and west due to the location. We can turn the world into a more liveable place when we use our wisdom, intelligence and determination to work to reveal this potential.

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