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N: Do you prefer to communicate with young people?

A: Not necessarily... There are people from all age groups, but I love to see that age group. Because they are our future, it makes me very happy to be in contact with them.

N: What do you think was your biggest confrontation?

A: Giving an ultimatum to my father. It gave me the chance to do what I wanted and to build my own life.

N: What is your next confrontation going to be?

A: To be able to set forth against everyone to do what I wish and dream of.

“in Anatolia, nobody will leave the other lonely.”

N: What do you think is the mightiest qualification of Turkish people?

A: Their hospitality... I don't know how much we feel this here, in the city, because  a different kind of life is lived, but in Anatolia, nobody will leave the other lonely. They reveal whatever they have. They do not turn away the person who knocks on their door. This is a very beautiful and reassuring thing.

N: Could these also be tried to be forgotten?

A: I do not believe that this can be forgotten. This is something that has got into our cells. Nobody has the power to make you forget this. Let them try as much as they want.

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