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N: People, authority, media… I wonder about this; why would people want to buy pictures with such disturbing emotions? Why are they interested in your paintings?

A: They have gotten so used to interpreting things that they already know in an absurd way. This is effective. That's why they show interest, find it funny, find it entertaining. This is what my goal is anyway... I do not turn that discomfort into a slogan. I present or try to present my painting in a very colourful and attractive way. Time will tell how successful I am.

N: When I look at your pictures, I see beautiful colours, watermelons, grasses, fairies, flowers, politicians, etc. This is so beautiful. But it feels like this beauty is a cover. When you look at the essence of the work, it gives that feeling. As you’ve said before; on the news bulletins they show bombs, explosions, etc. first, and then show cat videos at the end to make you forget all of them...

A: They offer a sequence to make you forget what you said at first. I also use that fiction in my painting. I try to focus on the main cause in a way that constantly shifts the audience's perception to other places. I equip them with things to keep them distracted. In doing so, that absurdity already attracts everyone's attention. There is humour there and people love that humour. My exhibitions attract a lot of attention. Lots of people are visiting. I have viewers and followers of almost all ages. The vast majority of them are people that are younger than me. I like it very much. I can communicate with them. I believe I’m using the language of today correctly.

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