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Neslihan: Well, what makes a person rejoice?

Aydan: They can be rejoiced by being united.

Berk: They can rejoice by hugging.

Halil: Joy is not just a state of enthusiasm and happiness. People rejoice wherever they reveal their human competence and know where it will lead. I also would like to ask you Neslihan; What makes a person rejoice?

Neslihan: A person can be rejoiced with immense, unconditional love. Right now, Kenan Arda Öztürk is also among us. He listened to us from afar throughout the conversation. Kenan, would you also like to say something?

Kenan: While listening to you, I thought mostly about the question "Why are we making Hadsiz". I answered that question in my seat. We are all people who have realized that we live in a frame and are struggling to find out how to get out of that frame. We’d like to ask this to everyone to know how to get out of that frame. Are you a confrontationist? How are you doing if you are a confrontationist? How did you perform your greatest confrontation? Because I can only learn it from you. We make Hadsiz initially in order to teach ourselves "confrontation". In my opinion, the mightiest qualification of Turkish people is the reflex of looking ahead. Because if you look ahead, you can take a step.

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