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we can grow when we share our best and most beautiful form

03.2021 I #10


N: Where would you like to begin? 

T: I grew up in Ankara, Demetevler. My mother still lives in the neighbouring Yenimahalle. My first confrontation started in Demetevler. Contrary to the general dress code of the neighbourhood, I cut a pair of jeans, then put on the blazer of my father's old suit, put stars and crests on it, wore a T-shirt inside, put on some really old shoes and went out in my own costume. 

I was in primary school while doing this. Then I went and started selling Turkish bagels. I saw someone selling water and started selling water. I couldn't find anything, I found a scale and started yelling in the neighbourhood. I loved doing things that nobody else did. Everything changed after the age of 13-14 because theatre entered my life. 


“i loved doing things that nobody else did."

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