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how can I bring unpleasant things to the good side? this is my only concern. 

N: Isn't there any unpleasant feeling in it? 

T: Yes, but not about jealousy. I try to deal with these emotions with this method. How can I bring unpleasant things to the good side? This is my only concern. In regards to myself and life too. Dealing with the other way is difficult and a waste of time. 

N: What is the biggest confrontation you have ever made? 

T: Choosing this "me" that I am now is the biggest confrontation I have made.  That is to choose whatever the circumstances require to be the "me" at that moment. If I become a father one day, I might want to choose the "me" that’s a father. 

N: What does the "moment" we are in mean to you? 

T: We all work hard to stay in the moment. Well, the ability to get out of all the other moments that overshadow this moment is actually the ability to stay in the moment. Whatever thought is holding you back from this moment; guilt, blaming, discomfort, disturbing ... Whatever emotion it may be, if you manage to put it aside without ignoring it, then only the "moment" remains. 

N: What is there in this moment right now? 

T: There is fire, there is breath, there is a beating heart. There is something new to learn, there is an experiment. As a result, there is joy, there is happiness, there is glee, there is excitement ... I list the things I feel when I look into your eyes at the moment. What do I see at this moment when I look into your eyes? There is an excitement. This is the excitement of children. The reason people are becoming actors is the same excitement.  

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