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N: What does " woman " mean to you?

Y: Woman, man… I never separate them from one another. I neither love this or that more. For me it is only a soul, a shell and temporary.

N: To accept human beings as human, without distinction between men and women.

Y: Yes, and this world is our common area. We human beings are very flexible, I know from myself. We can adapt to any situation. I think this could be corrected periodically. In 20-30 years, maybe in a shorter time, we can evolve the whole society on this issue. Just as we are evolving in social behaviour during this period… How did we evolve in a year, how fast it was. And imagine if we could spread this pace of change to everyone, in a positive way ...

N: And collectively.

Y: Collectively! ..

"if we can learn to love, we can even speak with only the language of love."


N: What does need mean to you?

Y: Need means love. It’s the only thing that is needed. Nothing else is needed. Nature already gives water. It also gives food. If we can learn to love, we can even speak with only the language of love.

N: What do you think is the mightiest qualification of Turkish people or those who feel Turkish?

Y: What I love and what I glorify the most in my people; our social behaviour patterns. From hospitality to helpfulness... Our food culture too, of course.

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