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“when we learn to respect nature, we will also learn to respect people."


N: You had a lot of training, you acted in a lot of countries, you won a lot of awards… You have a versatile personality. You write scripts, you are directing, you are a professional diver. How did you manage to get all of what this life has brought you? Is your mold very large?

Y: There is a saying like this: "Allah makes it snow according to the mountain". Allah also made it snow according to me. I am grateful, because despite all the dangers and difficulties, everything was very good. I will tell you something surprising. There is such a thing as the internet in our lives today. Without distinguishing between right and wrong, we can access any information instantly. I am against this much information. What are we even doing with all this information? Look, when I left home, I didn't even know what a visa was. I thought the pharaohs still lived in Egypt. But I went to Egypt without a visa. If I knew what a visa was, would I ever have hit the road? You know what I mean? As we learn, we also learn the limits of our freedom. But I would like to state this very clearly: the most important thing is education.

N: According to you what kind of education system should be established?

Y: I think schools should have a different structure. First of all, schools have to come out of concrete molds. It should be outside, under the sky. More social, together, outdoor, with nature... both recognising nature, respecting nature... we will learn to respect nature, when we recognise nature. After learning to respect nature, we will also learn to respect people.

N: Can we say that everything you've lived has served you? Do you think all this experience has caused you to discover your potential?

Y: Absolutely. We can look at it this way. In fact, it is the healthiest to look at it otherwise you will go crazy.

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