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N: What is the thing you own and encourage you?


K:Love (Aşk).

Probably the only thing one can have is Aşk, and carries it here (shows his heart). If one can convince it to this (he points his head, his mind), then maybe he can comprehend what he has. The only thing that I have and want to claim to uniquely, the thing that I want to live and grow is Aşk.

N: What is this thing that you called Aşk?
K: Aşk is the love that we know at the first stage: Love, like and other good states of mind; flying butterflies in your belly. Whatever people say to those things. One first lives that love, so he can spread real Aşk to all around. So when we talking about Aşk, it is thought to be between a woman and a man. I call it “romantic love”. Because if it falls between the two, it becomes romance. But if you could spread it to everywhere (to the nature, to family in a word to man and to all living and inanimate things), this state of mind brings constant joy. Then after one comes to a place where he can understand no one is diffirent from each other. At the time there is no need ever for Aşk. Aşk is a method of finding what you are looking for. I suppose when man finds what he is looking for, he will find there as well what he knows as satisfaction in nothingness. This is very ironic.

“The Purest and Joyful Form of Aşk, Eliminates Fear and Anxiety”

N: Don't you ever have times that you give something a miss or a doubt? Are you constantly in courage?

K: I have times that I fall into unawareness or doubt, but that the purest and joyful form of Aşk, eliminates fear and anxiety.

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