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love is a state that I know nothing about, that I only trust, where I’m loved eternally.”

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N: What about being in such an awake state? When we focus, we can probably hear four sounds. Right now I can hear the sounds of the wind striking the trees, the sounds of the chirping birds, Nora’s voice coming from the background, the sounds of the foot steps of the dog; these are the sounds that I can hear when I concentrate. I’m sure there are more sounds that I can’t hear. But you are doing so many things at the same time up there. There must be a sense of ease that you feel when being able to do all of those things at the same time. Having all of those qualifications, when you land on earth how does it help you live your life?

Nur: When I first tried to fly, I thought it was about wrist power. The plane is so powerful, the engine is so powerful. This is what I need to work on the most. However I had an unexpected, essential talent which I needed to develope, it must be; slowing down time or speeding yourself up but in a gentle way, smoothly. In my regular life I can now handle things smoothly that I would generally do in a hurry. Your multitasking side developes.

“manage the moment well to prevent a crisis.”

N: What you’re talking about is actually like a crisis management?

Nur: Actually that is the issue, manage the moment well to prevent a crisis. We, as humans, can retrieve the information and functions  that we need directly from ourselves when needed. To be able to do this we are in need of neccessary environments. In that sense acrobatic flight satisfies you. Therefore whatever it is that I need, my brain works towards it at that moment, there are no excuses there. You have to do whatever you need to do if you’re sitting there. This also affects my daily life. Because aviation is my every day now.

N: Have you ever felt hopeless during this journey?

Nur: There were many moments that seemed like dead ends, but I’ve never felt hopeless.

N: When you felt like you were at a dead end, what did you hang on to?

Nur: : I’m going to give a romantic answer. The love in my heart.

N: What’s that? What is it like?

Nur: Love is a state that I know nothing about, that I only trust, where I’m loved eternally.

N: What will be your next confrontation?

Nur: : Before I became a pilot I said this: “I’m going to be a pilot. Then, I’m going to go to space.”. I think I’m going to go to space, I’m serious.”

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