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In order to be able to take care of his family and survive, he changed his job. He decided to buy a truck to start working in the freight transport industry. The smiley successful author couldn’t stop writing due to his nature. He decided to go abroad and start a new life with his extremely beautiful wife Mrs Aliye and dearest daughter Filiz Ali.

From this point forward is still not completely known even today. Sabahattin Ali was going to go to Edirne to load cheese and run away to Europe via Bulgaria. He wrote his wife Aliye a letter about this, indicating that he’d take them along with him as soon as possible, and then departed to Edirne. He had “Ali Ertekin” along with him, who was a Yugoslavian migrant and sacked from the military as he provided guns to reactionist gangs, a former sergeant and “hitman”. Ali Ertekin, whose kidnapping men to Bulgaria and having relations with the police were understood afterwards, mentioned the following in his statement in the investigation justiceship:  

“...In the night they walked between Skopje and Yundolan towards the village of Sazara, and at that moment he found out that Sabahattin Ali owned the Marko Pasha newspaper, and that he would go to Bulgaria and to Moscow from there; his national feelings were hurt, all of a sudden he lost his temper and hit Sabahattin Ali on the left side of his head with a bat as he was reading a book under a tree and killed him; while his face, glasses, ears were in blood, he hit him again from his behind with the same rage, after these strikes he’d hit the third strike blow as he still panted...”

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