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All the ongoing events sharpened the joy of life of Sabahattin Ali. With the effect of living life thoroughly and an irreplaceable passion for his books, the mastery of “living” that he gained from life could be understood from his joy. Furthermore, games he played with his dear daughter  Filiz and the times they spent together also revealed his entertaining side. He wanted to spread this energy into the service of the country.

Second World War came to end, millions of people were trying to heal the wounds of this destructive war. Even though the era which would be called as the cold war afterwards hadn't started yet, an era had started where art and literature would take on the task as a gun later on. Sabahattin Ali was one of those who sensed it first. He immediately decided to publish a magazine with his friend “Aziz Nesin” whom he met a while ago. “Markopasha Magazine”, where they published artistic and politic topics in a humourous way started its publishing life. Markopasha, attained an unprecedented success in Turkish publishing life. If the population and numbers of the literate of those times are considered, almost half of the country were aware of this publication. It left a big effect and appreciation on those who read it. This overachievement of an opponent “humour magazine” was extraordinary. However; in the atmosphere of era, this achievement was not a desired situation of the rulers. They couldn't manage to carry on their brand new publishing life with the “high and strong” interference of the government. The much loved Markopasha, even though it tried to move on with the same content and quality as “Inevitablepasha”, managed to move on as the “Deceasedpasha”.


After a short time of period, it was closed down again. Sabahattin Ali was put on trial numerous times for his own articles and other articles that were reason for the closure and publication ban. He was sentenced and got arrested... His already unstable economical condition had gotten even worse because of these closures, sentences and restrictions. He became almost unable to use his enlightening and progressive pencil.

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