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“my courage also comes from trying”

N: How do you find this motivation in you? It’s something about the power you have in you and you never let go of that as far as I understood. Your belief is so strong so you never let it go and you try to go on adding on it every time. You try to do things which might be called a very primitive way. First, on a two-dimension paper. Then you shape it to a 3rd dimension. Then you step into action. You give it shape and also take action. You have a progressive vision. What’s the source of your motivation?

S: The knowledge that there’s nothing that a person can’t do. We are a whole. Nobody looks alike but we have so many is so simple if you know it. There’s nothing hidden. There’s also nothing that you can’t see. Everything is clear. Difficulty comes from not knowing. Curiosity is so important... we absolutely get strength from something, someone. I believe I get my energy, my motivation from that. When I try something and it’s not accomplished, I try again. I don’t say “I can’t”. I say I can do it somehow. It won’t be perfect but I’ll do it somehow. That’s why I took the road saying “I’ll do it”. I have an interesting courage in me. My courage also comes from trying. Actually I try to show a mirror to people with the things I do.


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