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There was a knock on the door. The time had come. The one who came was the aide. It was almost as if Müzeyyen's heart would come out because of her excitement. Leaving baby Ergun at home, her husband and she got into the big car waiting at the door and set out for Dolmabahçe. While the car was climbing the Kazancı Slope, Müzeyyen turned her head for the last time and looked at her house. She remembered this feeling. She felt an excitement just like the excitement that she had when running away from home at the age of 12. 


When Müzeyyen was 9 years old, her mother, who could no longer bear the irresponsible attitudes of her father, left her and went to her relatives in Istanbul.


After her mother's departure, Müzeyyen, who lived with her father in her grandmother's house in Çekirge, could not stand this any longer and took 2 liras from her father's pocket and ran away to go to her mother. She went straight to Istanbul; to Üsküdar. She rejoined her mother. She also continued her education here. She met Üsküdar Music Society and Turkish music here. Müzeyyen, who learned musical notation, rhythm and maqam information at the Üsküdar Music Society, then continued her education at the Şark Music Society.

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