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Zeki Müren's rare voice, which carries the vibrations of both male and female voices together, added the ability to sing in a way that has never been seen in any other artists before, and this would literally make Zeki Müren Turkey's first real star in that sense. From the syllable games in the lyrics to the letter tones and the wide changes from the baritone to tenor in his voice was clearly separated him from previous ones. He was opening a door to a new and early era in Turkish music with his unique stage performances that he transformed them into a visual celebration. Adding his sharp intelligence to the enthusiasm of his heart, people had no choice but to take their hats off for his light. He would succeed in retaining the rightful pride of being the first and only undisputed star of all time, and Zeki Müren, the man of the firsts, would take the first golden-record award in 1955. He was not only an artist with a golden-record now but also a humble with a golden-heart.


People would show the Turkish language that Zeki Müren spoke as an example of Istanbul Turkish.  However, he was using the language in such style, so to speak, he created "Zeki Müren Turkish". In his language, every stress on syllable caused words to evoke different emotions, regardless of their own meaning. For those who knew that the word language means 'heart', Zeki Müren was both a linguist and a man of heart. Therefore, when he spoke, he’d speak from the heart, and every letter and every syllable that spilt out of his mouth would cause tremble the heart wires of those who listen to.

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