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The last concert of Zeki Müren was the 1984 Bodrum concert in aid of people in need. Zeki Müren, after that concert, could never get on the stage again due to his health problems. Until 1996, he locked himself in his house and retreated to seclusion. One day, the TRT team knocked on Zeki Müren's door to reunite him with his fans who missed him so much. Müren, who never saw anyone until that day, welcomed the TRT team at home. He made an interview with them. Zeki Müren's interview received great attention from the public, they decided to make him a special program to present the microphone he sang for the first time at TRT. Zeki Müren agreed to participate in this program. However, a small problem had to be resolved. The problem was how to get the artist to the studio in Bodrum where it was 5 hours away from his place. He was decided to be brought to the studio in a private van. It seemed to be resolved that the problem of how this "tired person" would make this journey. 


On that hot September day, Zeki Müren realized that his decision would force his health shortly after leaving from his place, but it was too late. As the road went on, his heart started pushing him already. The excitement of reuniting with his beloved people kept him above water. He was exhausted when he arrived at the studio, but when he saw about 200 reporters waiting for him, he pulled himself together. He tried to stand up straight. His exhaustion intensified in the studio. At that moment, everyone was in the mood for the show. Finally, it was time to give the microphone to him. The channel official invited Zeki Müren. Müren barely walked. He didn't have the intention to stand. But he didn't show it to anyone. He got his award, which was pretty heavy, and he couldn't take it anymore. He barely threw himself into the locker room, and he collapsed there. When they saw Zeki Müren lying on the ground, they understood the situation, however, they were too late. Even though they tried to call an ambulance and a doctor, all efforts weren't enough to bring him back. Zeki Müren chose to say goodbye to his life on stage where he was literally born. But it was a glorious farewell that would be worthy of him and would be only vouchsafed to a very, very few artists...

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