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N: All the things you’ve been through which seem nice or unpleasant were serving for you, weren’t they? It's not like you reached this idea directly from the heart of the Anatolia. You were born in a city, grew up in a city, studied at schools like everyone else. We are in a system as such; study school, get married, have a child, earn a lot of money, spend it on a vacation, buy a house, buy a car. This is the system that is imposed on us. We live as if they’re all our decisions and ideas, forgetting that it’s been imposed on us. From what I understand at this point, the moment you decided to take yourself out of the conversation which has nothing in it for you, as you just mentioned, is the same moment that you decided to remove yourself from that which is imposed to you. Can you explain it a little?



F: I saw it like mathematics. Those situations brought me to today; I'm not saying it as negativity, I'm saying as a change. One of the steps for every human being's own individual history. At that point, I started moving away from the structure that I was in. I dragged my feet, my tongue stopped working, and then I went further away to not only run away, but to also get closer to the things we lost. Yes, we can say that we are now in a different system here.


In the end, it isn't possible to be unsystematic. None of us are free, but in the state of the largest multiple-choice. We have choices, we say we are making choices freely; however, there’s no free choice. We are still choosing among the existing ones. This was the system that I chose among the existing ones.


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