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“everybody must feed one another”

This is not a point which was reached suddenly. I’ve done all of those things that you mentioned. When I say that I did it; I'm not saying it because "I" did it, I'm saying I did it too unfortunately. I fell into the same traps, not in the same format but in a way which adapts to our time, and I got married. Then I got divorced, and I started to live on my own with my own conditions. I didn’t plan to do it this way but that's how it happened. I found myself doing all those lists and checklists that you mentioned. I guess I didn't question it. I had a troubled life of its own. I don’t want to say that I did them all in a crazier way than the ones surrounding me but I can say that I did it in a different way. A city is like a mouse loop where everybody inside must feed one another. A state of constantly turning inside a circle. Everybody must feed one another. That’s why that system became too much. You do something and three days later it has no worth, no value. We read so much, do so much; however, unless we split the atoms, trying so hard, leaving everything to retirement – by the way I’m retired (smiles)- is pointless. The world can’t be just this much and a place like this. We are missing things.


And you mentioned that I was born in a city, grew up in a city. Actually if you look at it, we were all villagers one generation ago. I mean my mother is from the village of “Keskin” in Ankara. She lived there, studied architecture at university. Born in 1933. My father’s father is from Kayseri. My father is also from Ankara... Studied mechanical engineering at university. In the end, we are all from villages if not one then two generations ago. We have a close relationship with the land of our ancestors.

Also, there’s no need to debate the human’s place in this world. Yes, good and bad somehow harming it and trying to put it together, we have a place in it. I see my place exactly like that. I’m well aware of being here and try to live beautifully. Also sharing my way of living in hopes of setting an example and there’s many who are inspired.

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