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"One must surrender to the belief of their own potential."

N: Is this due to surrender?

B: There is one more surrender-able concept. And that, of course, one must surrender to the belief of their own potential. They must surrender to how high their potential can be. If they get rid of shapes, get rid of wanting something formally, and find something real that will really excite them the most, maybe even want to be in the effort for a lifetime, then life opens other doors. We are very satisfied when we transform our happiness, competencies and talents into a production, share it with people and witness the proof that this is seen.

N: How is it stabilised? In life, stones are necessarily stuck on one's feet, what should be done to avoid those stones and to ensure the stability of that road?

B: I tried so hard to answer this question. In my self-improvement journey, I traveled to new places in the world, discovered new cultures, learned a lot of new beliefs and benefited a lot from all of them, benefited and contributed a lot to my development. But at the end of each seminar, every Monday, those people were no longer around me because I didn't have 350 Euros to go to that self-development seminar. In order to go there again, to find inspiration, I had to either give money or travel. I had to spend a lot. That's why I said I tried so hard for this question. Said, isn’t there a formula! Because I can't do this alone. I have certain sensitivities. If I go to the psychologist, they will diagnose me with ten things and then they will want to normalize me! However, I do not want to normalize. I want to understand these sensitivities in me. Because I have ideas about what the world should be like, how people should treat each other. Now, if I suppress these sensitivities, how can I contribute to people or myself? In order to ensure its stability, it will first say; "I can't do this alone." Self-development is an option, but I don't have that much money or that much time! I'm sorry that I won’t dedicate all my tangible assets here. I will not seek a material solution. Then let's count what is needed; first we will realise! We will realize what we are not satisfied with and find a master. What do we want and who does it well? Secondly, we will know that you chose this master. Then this master will teach you their knowledge; you will be patient! You will work, you will make an effort. Third, you will believe that it will not happen on your own. You will find who can support you, who can understand you. You will face it with valour! Teach me, I want to do this; saying. I want to understand this, tell me, you are giving me information, where did you get this information? I also want to understand. You obviously understood, I did not understand when I read it, can you teach me? It demands valour, it demands surrender.


N: What does conscience mean to you?

B: Conscience is probably the feeling that I have struggled with the most in my life. Because when I looked back, my conscience told me for a long time: You couldn't do what your parents wanted, you couldn't meet the expectations of your friends. How much do you contribute to society and the country? Girlfriend is always complaining! I have lived with the guilt of not being able to meet an expectation for a very long time. Maybe there are loads of people who can relate to it. Then I learned that the conscience cannot be clear by doing or not doing something. The conscience will already be clear; conscience is not clear or unclear because something is said, something is witnessed, something is wanted, something is desired, something is intended. The conscience is clear. If I share an idea like this; human right to live justly; To love, to be loved, to reveal a person's potential, to have a clear conscience is a human right. If a person's conscience is not clear, this is an injustice. They should see that it is an injustice to them and if they are going to rebel, they should rebel against it. They will say, why is my conscience not clear?


N: I did not fully understand how to have a clear conscience. Would you like to express this subject a little more?

B: People determine what is fair, what is unfair, what is right and what is wrong. What then does God determine? Who decides that wars break out? Does God decide that children die? People decide! Let's just take it from there, if one can decide it, then let them decide on the proper things. Then let them decide without prejudice. Let them decide that they deserve the best, let them decide to forgive… Let them decide to teach a person who has been unconscientious to be conscientious. Let's make an effort to prevent this unscrupulousness from happening again.

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