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Batuhan: I can't forget that day either. We were sitting on the carpet, cross-legged. We started from a very pure point. The essence of the job was very clear, very sincere and always continued like that.

Berk: We all opened our hearts and did so by putting our hearts into it. A large part of our team is already volunteers; the guests opened their hearts, and as they opened their hearts, we started to exceed our limits.

Halil: Indeed, the fifteenth issue is a special issue… We have been doing the Hadsiz Project for fifteen months. From the first issue, with the same energy, the same joy, the same enthusiasm… The most important part of this kind of work is its sustainability. We are all very tired and have taken great responsibilities. Behind each issue, there are thousands of photographs, hours of work and the labour of many people.

Aydan: The Hadsiz Proje by giving its name its due, destroyed many things for us as well. With each new issue, we all have faced the limits that we set within ourselves over and over again. This confrontation allowed us to move forward. Hadsiz, what really excites me is that I go to the shooting with great enthusiasm every time; "Let's see what we will get from this issue, what will we give it from ourselves?" This is a training that I remember many times. Hadsiz has an important place for us in reminding us of many things that we have forgotten. Hadsiz has brought us closer both to ourselves and to each other. In this sense, it also provided a great service in terms of getting to know each other.

Halil: The need of always doing better has also arisen. “How can we do better?” Then “How can we do a little bit better? Hadsiz has not had a static structure since the first day. It always tended to improve itself. It did not lose its "joy" in itself, as it always harboured the possibility of doing better. As it didn’t lose its joy, we all reached the same state.

Berk: We looked for ways to reach more people. We have opened new channels and continue to do so.

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