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Neslihan: If you had the opportunity to ask one question in a confrontational way, what would you ask? to whom or to what?

Halil: I would like to ask all humanity. We are in the 21st century. Wars, fights, conflicts, injustices, inequalities… All of these have happened countless times, the results have emerged, it is now understood; Isn't it time for a clean slate? How can we make this world more livable? How can we turn the time between a person's birth and their departure from this world into an adventure?

Aydan: I would ask my father. I would say “Are we accelerating?”. I would say “Is it time to speed up?”.

Berk: This will be a bit like Tansel's answer... I would ask myself. How long will you fight against yourself?

Batuhan: I will ask this moment. “What is my next confrontation going to be?”.

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