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N: How do you think humanity began to live with the animals that they have hunted since their existence?

E: We need to look at the very beginning of this. The very beginning of this actually represents the very end point that it will reach. Let me try to explain from the evolution of agriculture; first we started to plant one type of product. We diversified. Then we started spraying them. Then we decided not to spray. We said it was better without hormones. This is the point we are trying to reach in agriculture. It’s the same in our communication with the animals. I think this applies to everything. Why is a living creature in nature trying to serve a person? Why is there a curiosity to communicate and establish closeness between humans and animals? People have this curiosity about all animals. When we talk to dogs; when we give them words of love, the dog also communicates with us. Meanwhile, the word sacrifice (kurban) comes from the root "kurb". It means closeness. “Kurbiyet” is the same as kinship root. In fact, the fact that we visit relatives during the Eid al-Adha is due to our desire to establish this closeness. The goal here is not to kill the animal, but to make a sacrifice to get closer to something. For example, when I’m coming here I take a route in my own way, because I want to reach here. One must be aware that something is not done by chance. I'm making an effort. In return for this effort, I am getting closer to you.     

N: So what has changed in human emotion from ancient times to the present? It'll be as if I’m asking again. I also remind myself too. Why do people now want to feed animals in their homes, when they were  using them both as a tool and as food. What feeling inside of people has changed since then?

E: Actually, from an anthropological point of view, we see that people used to feed animals in their homes in the past. There is a dog figure connected in a mosaic in Rome. There is in ancient Egypt as well. As a sacred animal. There are the rich who mummify their cats. There are even pet graves in Siberia from forty thousand years ago. Someone buried them with blessing, praise, and jewelry. It does not surprise me that these graves were found in Siberia at that time.

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