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N: Can we say that human communication with animals took place in line with the need?

E: At this point, we adopt dogs with the idea of "saving" them. If the idea of ownership is in line with our needs, the bond we establish with animals will be more permanent. There must be favorable conditions for both sides. Saving an animal means saving yourself. Actually, this is what it should be. Unfortunately, we turn them into cartoons. Because in our childhood we all grew up with cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry and such. We watched them talking to rabbits and making friends with mice. Therefore, our world has moved away from reality a little. For example, we do not see mouse living in the soil and the rabbit escaping from the fox. We say, "Well, then I'll get a rabbit". Because it's so cute ... I take care of it in the cage anyway ... If it dies, we don't even understand why it died. We do not know how to communicate either. A person should have the chance to see the animal that he will take home in its nature.

N: So why do people give a dog to you to train after adopting it? Don't they have time for this? Don't they prefer to train it?

“if you put those who want to learn among those who know and put them on the road, they will be like them as they walk together.”

E: All of them. There are also those who want to adopt a dog and train it themselves. There are also those who do not have time. Actually there is a method of mine among other trainers. We can also call it as Ersen's style. Because there is no one applying it one to one. How? Firstly, everything is from nature. I do not include anything that has no equivalent in nature. Secondly, I do not do the training without the dog owner. How do I work? You can solve all behavioral problems by tiring the dog. Like what? For example; it does its toilet at home! You take it around with other dogs. After one, two, three times, it starts going and doing it outside like other dogs after a week. It needs to see what other dogs do. This is a working system. If you put those who want to learn among those who know and put them on the road, they will be like them as they walk together. Every week, I started doing forest walks with dog owners and dogs. Friendship between people and dogs began to form. We also have breakfast or something. Since we all eat together at the same table, there is no separate discretion between us.

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