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N: Why are there distances between people? In fact, I want to switch this term to borders. Everyone is trying to notify others borders, everyone is trying to set borders up. What are the borders between countries? Between cities? Between people? And at the same time, we always wonder our limits, borders. We want to know what is our border and we get out our houses. We wonder and we left our streets. We wonder and we left the planet and travel to space.

K: And today some say “you get up at this time. It’s illegal to say that. You behave like this and get a reward. You must go to work. Economy is precious. You have to do that for the Human Rights et cetera.” and they manage our perception. I think the world is not just the world we know, the cities we see, the countries or planets we visit. I think the real world is hidden inside of a human. And this inner side of us contains balanced mechanisms, unbalanced processes. If I have to explain these two I want to say this is the conflict between the heart and the brain. When you think about this with borders or some other’s suggestions, you can easily convince yourself to the presence of borders around us. But the world is inside of you, and has no limits. It can think whatever it wants. Whatever it is, it has no borders. When it convince itself to be free, then it can define itself as “hadsiz”. This new “confrontationist” point of view can carry an individual to knowing the real itself. And knowing yourself is the real freedom. So I demand people especially young ones to think twice when others said “Know your limits.”

“The Presented is not freedom, but shackles.”

Your definition of “hadsiz” means the real freedom we seek for from our very first years to this moment to me. The presented is not freedom; the presented is shackles. You obey these rules, you wake up that time, you go to your work by these conditions, you make some Money and go to a vacation, you buy cars and houses. Now does this seem like freedom for God’s sake? Freedom is using the world’s presented values equally for all individual’s prosperity I think. In my real world, the world inside of me, I mean, everyone has equal blessing. I have a will to share it. This is my “knows no boundries” side. This is what I want to do with this body that other’s see as a border. The real world is inner side of a human, and the other is a reflection. So many worlds are out there. So we can say this world is an outcome of 9 billion people’s will. However everyone is willing live civilized and equally as we know it. To live civilized and equally, the one must learn how to act borderlessly. This is not such a thing to do with others suggestions. The one will have to discover by him/herself. You have to get what is inside of you out. Reflect your inner world to the world we see. That is not a difficult thing to do. When Ataturk united the council he wanted to bring this idea I presume. Everyone will be the same page with peace. If ideas unite, people will unite. Democracy is not majority of votes I think, democracy is unanimity. Ataturk must have thought and hope if an individual can reflect and keep alive his/her inner peace at a council, the other members of that council can adopt and keep that peace alive. That must be the reason of the idea Grand National Turkish Assembly. And today parliaments all around the globe are crippling. Because they are distant from the people.

“We are being forced in to circles.”

Until today the thoughts, lessons, judgements make us obey our limits. Do not behave like that in school. Do not talk to your teacher that way. Do not do that to your brother. Don’t go over there, don’t be friends with that guy… Make us stay in thick circles. However one can only recognize itself with thinking borderlessly. Confrontationism makes all the way to freedom. When a person recognizes him/herself treats others like human beings and help them to recognize themselves thus spreads his/her state of mind. How that specter called virus spreads quickly! It showed us everything can be spreaded easily at present day. Any info can be spreaded in a blink in this world as well. So let’s recognize ourselves. I am calling this process “waking up”. Like waking up every morning. Every morning we wrestle with our lazy side to get out of the bed. It seem so hard to get out but when we do, we find things to satisfy ourselves during the day. We find strength to get up, see our loved ones, to make money, do things as what we want. That is the spirit: wake up, get to know yourself, and see you can be spreaded all around the world. This waking up process of hope have been experienced multiple times in different ages. This age is no different from these. It will be experienced. Under all possible circumstances, it will be experienced. Especially in these lands it will be experienced and will be spreaded all around that.

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