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“Sabahattin Ali stopped for a moment. He paused the memories that were passing through right before his eyes with the speed of light. Raising his arms, he lifted his daughter towards his face. He buried his nose in his daughter’s neck and took a deep breath. He decided to write a letter. He left his daughter next to his beautiful wife. He went outside with the hope of smoking a little, and writing a lot. His days in Konya were passing through his mind. When he was on duty in Konya, his first novel “Yusuf of Kuyucak” was published in “Yeni Dünya” newspaper and no surprise he got arrested with a defamation right after it... He recalled his transfer to Sinop prison and writing his poem “prison song” with the verse of“let it go, my heart”. He remembered the cold iron bars that he grabbed in order to see the sea, in the damp Sinop prison cell. While he took the pencil out his uniform’s pocket to write, he decided to take the German teacher duty in “Ankara State Conservatoire” which was offered himself in Ankara once he was drafted into and succeeded his military service for the second time. Then he got back to writing his letter. He knew what would happen now. His adventure and incidents afterwards that bought him to this moment... He didn’t know how the rest would come; however, this was the moment where he sensed a sentence that he wrote years ago:


“The mountains are my home!”

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