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When his military service was completed, he accepted the job and came to Ankara with his family. In Ankara he rented the top floor of Adalar apartment on Karanfil Street as its rent was much cheaper than the other floors. After the republic, while Ankara was taking on the role of capital which was previously carried by Istanbul, as learnt from his master  Nazım Hikmet, he continued reading and writing without stopping and resting.


Sabahattin Ali, whose books have been published since 1934 until now, had been noticed by Carl Ebert, who was responsible for theatre and opera departments of the conservatoire, and had needed to escape Germany due to his opposing to the Hitler regime. He took the tasks of interpretation and dramaturge. They started a beautiful friendship and productive works together. Among all these works, additionally he was also working as a interpreter in the National Education Ministry. After a short while he was drafted into the military service once again.


Sabahattin Ali experienced the destructiveness and cruelty of the first big war in his bones, that’s why he was standing against the second big war. Friendships he gained, duties he took on and working for his country with his family without stopping or resting. He was filtrating all of the traces that life left on him and never gave up writing them on the paper. His novel “Devil Inside” occured during exactly these days. Right after his novel was published, in which he revealed the damage of the polluted nationalism feelings on the human soul, he found himself in the middle of a political discussion. He resisted against the smears of those who overlooked his naivety, goodness and kind heart. The case of Nihal Atsız and the incidents that occured following this case, led Sabahattin Ali to fighting another war other than his family, teachership and authorship.

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