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Every officer there, including the policeman at the typewriter, acted as if he wasn't there. Realizing that no one was listening to him, Ruhi Su fell silent. The officer stopped after writing a few words on the paperwork in front of him. He took out the paper and got an autograph from Ruhi Su. “Now they will transfer you to Istanbul, you can tell them the rest,” he said. Ruhi Su, on the other hand, had nothing to tell other than Turkish folk songs.

They were transferred from Sansaryan Inn, where they were subjected to the most severe torture for months, to Harbiye Prison. They also got married here with Ms Sıdıka. In the prison where they stayed for three and a half years, they grew their love by seeing each other for only fifteen minutes every two weeks.

Ruhi Su, one of the victims of systematic torture practices that constituted the darkest days of our recent history; With his wise, calm and resilient personality, he never expressed his experiences. Ruhi Su was able to overcome his suffering life thanks to Turkish folk songs. Turkish folk songs and breaths were now a state of love for him.

He had ventured into a journey that, not to mention daring, no one had ever thought before. He would either be completely forgotten and disappear, or he would add the light of the stars to our world. With the sincere, luminous patience of an ancient dervish, he carried the light of his art to the heavens.

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